Critique Circle Continues to Grow!

By Andrew Dutfield

Our Critique Circle community continues to grow. A couple of years ago we went from one to two sessions a month and next year we are planning to have an additional session, a Critique Circle just for poets.

If you are interested in joining a supportive group, where you will feel at home and comfortable sharing your work, getting feedback as well as supporting others, and would like to find out more, please reach out to and I will try to answer any questions you may have.

Our two current sessions are on the second Tuesday and the last Wednesday of the month. The timing in the month of the poet group has yet to be announced.

I would like to welcome Gabrielle Goldstone, Bobbi-Jo Grant and Jake Reichert for stepping up to be moderators and thank Sharon Hamilton, Tami Reynolds, and Danie Botha for their continued service in this role. Others have shown an interest in being moderators and it is gratifying to see folks signing up for these roles, these sessions support our writers in gaining confidence and gaining from the experience of others.

The Guild is looking forward to seeing this program continue to grow in 2024.

Wishing all our members and particularly our Critique Circle participants all the best and health and happiness in 2024.

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