Den Valdron

Den Valdron **Elf and Other Stories

A drunken elf thief hooks up with a grey space alien; a vampire is pursued by his fans; somewhere an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters plots rebellion; ghost hunters confront non-Lovecraftian horrors; fairy tales go horribly wrong; the antichrist brings Armageddon, and nobody cares.

About the Author

D.G. Valdron is a Manitoba Writers’ Guild member notable for his many contributions to the MWG, including workshops on publishing, world building, copyright, writing characters and other subjects. He is also a longtime Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer and author of many titles including The Mermaid’s Tale, Dawn of Cthulhu, Bear Cavalry, Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs and others. Nonfiction work includes LEXX Unauthorized, and Doctor Who, the Pirate Histories. He’s done regular readings and panels at the World Fantasy Convention. His work, fiction and nonfiction, can be found at many places online. He used to own a cat.


Apr 15 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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