Writing, Rants, & Rambling

A virtual event that happens at 7:00 pm CST on the first Thursday each month.

Come meet with other writers and talk about the art of writing – the good, the bad and the ugly – whatever you’d like to discuss.

You don’t need to be a member to take part – and it’s free! It’s a chance to leave your solitary world in front of the computer (notebook & pencil or typewriter, if you are ‘old school’) and ‘meet’ in the online world with others just like you.

Using Zoom allows writers from all over the province (and elsewhere) to take part, provided you have a stable internet connection.

To take part in these evenings, please email  to receive the Zoom invitation.

Program News

human brain

June 25, 2024

Den Valdron on AI and Writing

By Steve Oetting The topic of plagiarism reared its ugly face during one of our recent Rants and Ramblings sessions. A participant described how a book she had submitted to Amazon had been duplicated word for word and was selling right alongside of hers. Some additional discussion revealed that this was becoming a common problem and it appeared this duplication was not performed by a person but rather by a system, perhaps an AI (Artificial …

Open book with canddle in background

March 29, 2024

Writers Engage with a Difficult Subject

By Steve Oetting

Content Warning: Group discussion about memoir writing that includes childhood sexual abuse. This is a difficult topic of discussion, but one that some affected individuals choose to write about as a way to heal and move forward. MWG volunteers guided the conversation and made efforts to ensure everyone was both heard and comfortable.

Each Rants and Ramblings session is unique, with participants offering topics of interest for discussion. With a full slate of participants at the March 7 R&R, moderated by Susan Rocan, with Lori Gaudet and Katherine Westwood assisting, a serious topic dominated the steady flow of comments and perspectives.

robotic and human hands touching

February 29, 2024

Group Discusses AI

By Steve Oetting

The February 1 Rants and Ramblings included both new and experienced members, including Susan Rocan, Sharon Hamilton and Lori Gaudet. During the event, two issues were discussed that are timely and relevant to today’s writers.

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