You may support the Guild by participating in events, volunteering, purchasing merchandise, making a donation, and helping us circulate our posts on social media.

To vote at the AGM members must:

  • have a current Membership with the Guild
  • be a Member of the Guild for 60 days prior to the AGM

Contact to receive the Zoom invitation to the AGM.

You can reach us on the following social media platforms:

The draft meeting minutes will be made available online here.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a time for members to:

  • Meet the current Board Members
  • Receive reports from the board about the activities of the previous year
  • Share your views on new policies and programs they might want to implement
  • Vote in new board members
  • Receive information about the Guild’s plans for the future

The Annual General Meeting takes place roughly two months (60 days) into the Membership year.

The next AGM will take place on October 14, 2023.

You can direct your questions to the following departments:                

General inquires: / 204-944-8013                

Critique circle:                

Event registrations and inquiries:                

Membership inquiries:                


Youth program:

General inquires:

Use subject line “Media inquiries.”


Yes, and we provide tax receipts for donations over $20.00 CAD.

General donations are applied to the area of greatest need and are used to administer programs, support workshop facilitators, maintain our office, and generate materials for our diverse community.

Your donation supports writers across Manitoba and will have immediate impact on the programming and services offered.

Review our news, events, and list of programs to see where your donation will be applied.


Yes. You can specify if the membership is for someone else when filling out the application form.

Directed donations provide sponsorships to individuals unable to purchase their own membership at this time.

The Guild has a fixed membership year that runs from July 1 to June 30. Unless otherwise noted, all annual memberships are valid from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the next year.   Our current membership rates are as follows:                

  • Regular (age 19+) & Affiliate (outside of Manitoba) – $65.00 CAD                
  • Youth (age 18 and under) – $10.00 CAD                
  • Student / Fixed Income – $30.00 CAD  

After choosing your membership rate, complete the online application form and make your payment.   All three membership types provide the same benefits to its holder, except youth members cannot vote at the Manitoba Writers’ Guild Annual General Meeting, board, or committee meetings.

  • Reduced rates on workshops and masterclasses
  • Eligibility for exclusive access member-only programs
  • Writer profile promoted on our website (optional)
  • Share writing-related accomplishments in our newsletter (optional)
  • Free Reader Reward Card from McNally Robinson Booksellers ($25 value)
  • Discounts on subscriptions to

See the full list of benefits.

There are no pre-requisites! We welcome writers of all writing styles, levels, and experience.

The Guild has a fixed membership year that runs from July 1 to June 30. 

Unless otherwise noted, all annual memberships are valid from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the following year.

Member Benefits

CV2 offers a 10% discount to MWG Members for their first 1-year subscription to CV2 Poetry Journal. 

Contact  with your Membership card attached to redeem.

Prairie Fire offers a 10% discount to MWG Members for their first 1-year subscription to their literary magazine.

Contact Lindsey Childs () with your Membership card attached to redeem. 

  • Awards (longlist, shortlist, and / or awarded)
  • Book launches (members participating in the Book Launch program are announced on MWG’s website and social media networks as well)
  • Publications recently published or releasing soon

Sheldon Oberman Mentorship Program

The judges panel meets in early January to review applications and make a decision. Mentors and apprentices are informed and introduced to one another mid-January.

We begin accepting applications after October 1.

The deadline to apply is November 30.

In order for applicants to focus on their strengths, the SOMP matches apprentices with an appropriate mentor from the pool of applications in each category for the current year.

MWG attempts to match mentors and apprentices with similar interests, but this is not always possible. For example, if an apprentice is seeking assistance writing a memoir, and there are no mentor applications comparable to that type of writing project then we are unable to make a match.

The applicant pool varies each year, so we hope you will apply again in the future!

We reach out to all applicants after the judges panel reaches their decision.


Contact us. Take a look at the Programs and Committees pages to learn more about what’s going on with the Guild, or come to an Event to see where you can help out!

  • Build skills for a résumé
    • Public speaking
    • Event planning
    • Administrative tasks
  • Network with authors, writers, editors, publishers, and other members of our diverse community
  • Get to know more about the Guild’s, programs, services, board members, volunteers, etc.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. Volunteer for an hour or two, for successive hours over the course of several weeks, an evening or an afternoon, and anything in between. 

  • Board of Directors
    • Program Directors
    • Grant applications
  • Programs / Events
    • Hosts / facilitators / MCs
    • Moderators
    • Photographers
    • Social media coordination / promotion
    • Set up / tear down
    • Registration table / information booths
  • Administration
    • Membership (processing, data entry, mail outs)
    • Delivery equipment / materials
    • Design
    • Content creators
  • Committees
    • Fundraising
    • Community engagement
    • Research

Youth Writing Circle

Yes! Please ask your parent or guardian to fill out a consent form.

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 19 are eligible to participate.

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