Beta Reader Service

The Beta Reader Service (BRS) supports and helps writers seeking feedback on unpublished manuscripts.

Whether you’re just getting started and need guidance on next steps, or are already published but trying out a new genre or idea, submit your manuscript to receive extensive notes from a MWG member.

About the BRS

You’ll receive a full report with general feedback and guidance on your next possible steps. Your manuscript will be matched with a guild reader based on genre, who will read your entire manuscript, examining character, plot, and the general writing style and feel. (This service is not a copy edit or structural edit).


  • All submitted work must be unpublished.
  • This program is only open to Manitoba Writers’ Guild members; if you are not yet a member, sign up here.
  • This program is only open to ages 18+ because you may encounter mature themes and be required to correspond back and forth with a stranger; if you are under 18, consider the Youth Program.
  • Priority will be given to members who have not used the service yet, but you are welcome to try and book a second review of the same work; just know the feedback may not be as fast the second time around.

A beta reader is a test reader for an unreleased work who gives feedback in a way that represents the average reader. Beta readers are tasked with flagging spots they find confusing so the author can determine if their work is being received as intended. Beta readers can also be asked to look at very specific things that were recently rewritten for feedback on whether the changes are working as intended.

The ideal time to book a beta reader is before doing copy editing. The reason for this is that if you uncover multiple spots you want to rewrite, you would not want to be cutting already edited words.

You can also stagger beta readers, doing a beta read, rewriting the manuscript, and doing another beta read with a new person. By doing three or four waves of beta reading you can get the most out of your feedback.

This is a potential pattern for the stages to complete a manuscript:

I. Brainstorming and First Draft

II. Alpha Reader

III. Rewrite

IV. Structural Edit

V. Beta Reader 1

VI. Rewrite

VII. Beta Reader 2

VIII. Rewrite

IX. Beta Reader 3

X. Rewrite

XI. Copy Edit

XII. Proofread

  • Submit your manuscript as a Word document (.doc, .docx).
  • Use a readable 12-point black font, such as Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • Display title, name (unless seeking a blind reading), and page number sequentially at top right of page.
  • Use standard manuscript formatting (1-inch margins, indented paragraphs, double spacing).
  • Include your name and contact information on top left of first page (unless seeking a blind reading).
  • Submissions must be in English.
  • You may submit the manuscript with your name or request a blind reading on your submission form. (Please note that if requesting a blind reading, it is your responsibility to make sure your name does not appear on the manuscript.)
  • If your work is part of a series, please include a few pages to summarize the important parts of the previous work.

To begin the process, please complete this form.

ProsePagesFeeReturn Time
Sample0 – 20$751 Week
Short Story21 – 80$1002 Weeks
Novella81 – 200$1754 Weeks
Novel201 – 320$2506 Weeks
Long Novel321 – 480$3508 Weeks
*1 page = 250 words
PoetryPagesFeeReturn Time
Sample0 – 5$751 Week
Short Collection6 – 24$1002 Weeks
Medium Collection25 – 64$1504 Weeks
Long Collection65 – 100$2006 Weeks
Scripts/PlaysPagesFeeReturn Time
Sample0 – 5$751 Week
Short6 – 24$1002 Weeks
Medium25 – 64$1504 Weeks
Long65 – 100$2006 Weeks

Upon receiving your manuscript and payment, we will review the word count, type, and genre, and check for reader availability. (Please email us at if you wish an alternate payment method to credit or debit card).

Submissions require a valid MWG membership. If you are not yet a guild member, you can purchase a membership from our website.

In the event of a potential delay, we will contact you. (Note that for multiple manuscript submissions, priority will be given to writers using the service for the first time).

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