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Lori Gaudet is a Canadian author of dark fiction and member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild since 1993 and Horror Writers Association since 2018. She volunteers with the MWG as the social media person, newsletter editor, and as a member of the Marketing, Communication, and Membership committee since July 2019. Lori is also a volunteer proofreader for the Horror Writers Association newsletter since May 2018.

Early publishing credits include more than 40 flash fiction, short stories, and book reviews published in various eZines 2008 to 2013. Lori’s first short story published in print was “Falling”, included in Second Wind Publishing’s Mystery in the Wind anthology published September 2009. Her first published novel, Where the Bodies Are, was published by Second Wind Publishing March 2014, then again under the imprint Indigo Sea Press January 2016.

Lori has ten books published under two pen names, in addition to short stories in multiple anthologies, all dark fiction. Writing published under L. V. Gaudet is geared for an adult audience while her other pseudonym, Vivian Munnoch, is for middle grade to YA audiences. Lori’s wish is to win a Bram Stoker award.

Lori grew up with a love of the darker side; sneaking down to the basement at night to watch the old horror B movies, devouring horror books, and has had a passion for books and the idea of creating stories and worlds a person can get lost in since reading that first novel.

L.V. Gaudet Publications

L.V. Gaudet

  • Coming: The Woods
  • Anthologies:
    • Falling in Mystery in the Wind anthology (Second Wind Publishing)
    • Dark Shadows in All Dark Places 3 anthology (Dragon Soul Press)
    • The Darkest Night in Haunt anthology (Dragon Soul Press)
    • Coming: Carnival Ride in Dismember the Coop anthology (Bert Eden). *Charity horror anthology with proceeds supporting the Solid Rock Foundation started by Alice and Sheryl Cooper.


L.V. Gaudet Publications

The Gypsy Queen by L V Gaudet

The Gypsy Queen

Garden Grove by L V Gaudet

Garden Grove

Old Mill Road by L V Gaudet

Old Mill Road

The McAllister Series

Where the bodies are by L V Gaudet

Where the Bodies Are

The McAllister Farm by L V Gaudet

The McAllister Farm

Hunting Michael Underwood by L V Gaudet

Hunting Michael Underwood

Killing David McAllister by L V Gaudet

Killing David McAllister

Vivian Munnoch Publications

The Latchkey Kids: The Disappearance of Willie Gordon by Vivian Munnoch

The Latchkey Kids: The Disappearance of Willie Gordon

The latchkey kids by Vivian Munnoch

The Latchkey Kids

Madelaine & Mocha (The Wishing Stone Book 1) by Vivian Munnoch book cover

The Wishing Stone book 1: Madelaine and Mocha

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