Group Discusses AI

By Steve Oetting

The February 1 Rants and Ramblings included both new and experienced members, including Susan Rocan, Sharon Hamilton and Lori Gaudet. During the event, two issues were discussed that are timely and relevant to today’s writers.

Has the Guild discussed AI and the impact it can have on writers?

  • Susan recalled a discussion about AI (and plagiarism) in a R&R session two months ago, where a member who had published a book on assisting family members with cognitive issues (Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss) discovered that one of her books had been replicated word for word, most likely using an AI program. The plagiarized version was selling on Amazon alongside her own book. Although Amazon does some rudimentary comparison of books to prevent plagiarism, it only required that the first few hundred words were changed to bypass this protection, and that it took the author considerable effort to have the replicated version removed from Amazon. This is just one example of how AI can be used and why it is a definite concern to legitimate writers.
  • During a recent Stephen Colbert show, he and Steven Spielberg discussed how AI programs could affect creative art. Spielberg expressed mixed opinions on the subject, indicating that AI can be highly beneficial to develop creative concepts into complete scripts. But he also had grave concerns about how AI-developed scripts could eventually destroy the motivation for human creativity, something that he felt AI could compete with but never replace. View the discussion.
  • Susan mentioned Den Valdron, a lawyer and writer who maintains The Attic YouTube channel, where he discusses writing topics, including AI. Valdron, whose publication credits include The Mermaid’s Tale, will deliver a presentation at Artspace on Saturday, March 9 at 2 p.m.
  • Red River College recently held presentations to help instructors recognize AI-generated submissions from students, an issue of increasing concern to educational institutions everywhere.

Does the Guild provide resources to assist in getting your work published?

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