Country Girl by Flo Bambenek

Flo Bambenek – Country Girl and Yearning

Country Girl is a memoir of Flo Bambenek’s life in rural Manitoba as a child. Bambenek shows how life was so simple and innocent from her perspective as a small child, sheltered from the harshness of the world. She recounts how extremely naïve she was entering adulthood. She takes her readers into her crumbling world and reveals how Al-Anon saved her daughter’s and her life, disclosing how Al-Anon gave her the courage and strength to seek happiness and fulfillment.

Content Warning: Alcohol abuse is a topic but is not promoted.

Yearning is the story of a woman who felt abandoned and unloved throughout her life and how she finally reconciles these emotions. The story also describes the changes she observed and lived throughout the 20th century and how these changes have affected how people live today. 

Content Warning: There may be triggers about death and mass graves.

yearning by Flo Bambenek

About the Author

Flo Bambenek

Bambenek lives in Manitoba with her husband, Dave. She has one daughter and son-in-law along with three grandsons. She enjoys quilting, embroidery work, reading all kinds of genres, gardening and, of course, writing. She enjoys camping every summer and loves fishing and bonfires. Under the pen name, Tammie Holiday, she has previously written a novel loosely based on her mother’s life, titled Doing the Best I Can. She has also worked as a ghost writer for a friend’s memoir. Her most recent novel, Yearning, is a story inspired by her auntie. She prefers writing fiction to writing other genres.


Apr 07 2024


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1H3
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