Toltec Dawn by RJ Hore

R. J. Hore – The Toltec Trilogy

The Toltec Conquest Trilogy comprises three novels: Toltec Dawn; Toltec Noon; and Toltec Khan. The trilogy is a “What if?” alternate history fantasy. In 115 AD a ship from the Toltec Empire reaches the shores of Ireland and triggers an invasion of the British Isles by an empire based in Mexico. The story opens in 1213 AD with the invaders already in control of England and the neighbouring European coast and readying to expand beyond. Ireland and Wales are already allies under various levels of control by the empire. The series follows the exploits of three very different people: Toltec Captain Mixcoatl, loyal commander of the fort at St. Albans near London whose duty is to maintain the peace; Rowena, a young Christian Saxon girl attempting to flee the invaders; and Fergus, an Irish youth pledged to the service of the Irish God Tezcatlipoca. 

Content warning: The Guild is sensitive to the fact that members of a launch audience will respond differently to literary material. The author references “some battleground violence” early in the trilogy. If any person or persons experiences discomfort at anything read or said during this launch, the Guild provides a comfortable “safe place” in the lounge, with water and refreshments.

About the Author

ronald hore

R. J. Hore is a reviewer for science fiction and fantasy genre novels and anthologies for an on-line magazine aimed primarily at libraries. He writes in several different genres, including speculative fiction and fantasy. Since 2022, he has published ten novels with Champaigne Books and has had three more accepted: a fantasy novel, a paranormal novel, and a romance.



Nov 19 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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