Dream Catcher the call home by Bob Christmas

Robert (Bob) Chrismas – Dream Catcher: The Call Home

The Manitoba Writers’ Guild is pleased to present the first fall 2023 launch of our Book Launch program for Guild members with a novel by Bob Chrismas.

Launches are a great opportunity to meet your artistic colleagues. We hope many Guild members and other Manitoban authors will support their fellow writers by coming to one or more of these launches. Bring your friends and family. Launches are open to the general public.

Coffee and dainties will be served.
Copies of the book will be available to purchase at the event. $20.00 per copy; cash or cheque.

Dream Catcher: The Call Home

Join Detective Jack Bondar and Dani Taylor on their continued journey to find her little sister, abducted at 14 and missing for the past 14 years. This sequel to The River of Tears delves into the psyche of sex traffickers and their victims. It explores their internal and external conflicts and the trauma that trafficked people and their families endure. It also explores the post-traumatic stress that many police officers experience in their work. It is a story about our roots, and the way we all long, at some point, to come home.

Dream Catcher: The Call Home SKU: 978-1-64504- 303-4 can also be purchased on Dio Press.

Content warning: The Guild is sensitive to the fact that members of a launch audience will respond differently to literary material. In a recent review of Dream Catcher, Cathy Peters, a human trafficking prevention officer, writes: “As an effective storyteller, Dr. Chrismas sheds light on the tension between the vulnerable and police in Canada, while tackling the complicated, harsh, and shameful reality of human sex trafficking in Canada. Dr. Chrismas gives us a glimpse into a world where human rights abuses occur daily and locally. Prevention can occur only if we know what this world looks like.”

About the Author

bob chrismas

Bob Chrismas, PhD, has written prolifically on justice issues, and recently began trying his hand at writing fiction. Bob is a retired Staff Sergeant after 34 years of service with the Winnipeg Police Service. He has taken on a new role with the City as Community Safety Team Lead, building a new team around Community Safety in Winnipeg, focussing first on Transit safety. The prequel to Dream Catcher is The River of Tears, a literary fiction novel about a missing person case, giving deep insights into sex trafficking and Indigenous- police relations in Canada. 

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Oct 28 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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