Stealth by Robert Stermscheg

Robert Stermscheg – Stealth

1944. American bomber pilot, Jack Swaggart, has led his squadron countless times into hostile German territory, hit the assigned target, and returned to base none the worse for wear. Eventually, Jack’s luck runs out. With his B 26 Marauder heavily damaged by flak, Jack is forced to ditch his crippled airplane in the German countryside. Separated from his crew, Jack trusts an unlikely ally, Hilde Augsberg, a plucky young woman, a decision which catapults them into an adventure neither could have envisioned. Coincidentally, they spot a new type of German warplane in flight – a design unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. In that moment, Jack realizes that the Nazis have developed a formidable new bomber. In the blink of an eye, Jack’s mission shifts from survival to thwarting the Germans just when the Allies are on the verge of triumph.

About the Author

Robert Stermscheg

Born in Europe in 1956, Robert Stermscheg was exposed to many wonderful writers, among them Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, even Karl May. The element Robert appreciated most about their writing was how their portrayal of life opened up his imagination to vivid new worlds. Due to frequent moves necessitated by his father’s career—Stermscheg the elder was an electrical engineer— Robert became an avid reader. To soften the blow of the moves— and broaden his son’s education and imagination— Stermscheg supplied his son with a steady supply of books, principal among them Karl May novels.

In 1967, the entire family moved to Canada, eventually settling in Manitoba. Robert became involved in a variety of activities— chess, hockey, and flying, to name but a few. Still, Robert never lost his interest in the German language. His passion to share the works of Karl May, an author largely unknown in North America, resulted in the search for English translations. Strangely, there were few to be found. It was then that Robert vowed to one day translate this prolific author into the English language. After completing a satisfying career with the Winnipeg Police Service, he at last found himself in the position to pursue his dream: translating one of Karl May’s novels into English. His wife, Toni, shared his vision and encouraged him through the early stages of the painstaking writing/translation process, becoming his proof-reader.

While working on his first translation, The Prussian Lieutenant, Robert shifted gears and tackled a biographical work, the story of a WWII veteran, a man who had fought against the oppressive Nazi regime and ended up in a POW camp. This man was none other than Robert’s mentor and father. The memoir, POW #74324, has special meaning for Robert and he was thrilled to present the first printed copy to his father for his 90th birthday.

The latest novel, Stealth, was conceived out of Robert’s love for aviation. A former private pilot and airplane enthusiast, Robert came up with the idea of a historical fiction novel centered during WWII. The hero, Jack Swaggart, a product of Robert’s imagination, and coupled with a worthy adversary, Horst Kloster, is sure to instill the sense of intrigue and adventure with readers. Stealth was shortlisted for an award (historical fiction) with the Word Guild.

Robert resides in Winnipeg and is currently working on his fourth translation project, Captain Richemonte.


Nov 13 2022


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