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Treena Chabot – Happy Starting Today: Learn the Inner Game Formula for Happiness with The Happiness Quarterback

Feeling unfulfilled, empty, and stuck without answers despite ticking off all the boxes of society’s expectations? Are conflicts with others and a sense of being lost overshadowing your days? It’s time for a change, right? Well, not the typical change you’d imagine. In Happy Starting Today, we delve into the reality that true happiness, the kind that lasts, must be cultivated from within. Instead of chasing fleeting moments of joy through drastic measures, this book reveals a path to a deeper sense of peace, contentment, and fulfillment. Happy Starting Today will reignite your zest for life so that you can pursue matters that truly matter to you. 

Content Warning: None.

About the Author

Treena Chabot

Treena Chabot is the Happiness Quarterback. She teaches people how to design new plays in life to score true and lasting happiness. Chabot is an author, teacher, certified adult educator, and an award-winning former college instructor. She is the mother of two adult children, dog mom to Porter, and wife to Paul. After achieving what most people would call a successful life, Chabot realized she was exhausted and empty, not happy. A series of events helped her to see she was the common denominator in her problems. It was then that she switched from playing the Outer Game to playing the Inner Game, thereby creating true and lasting happiness within herself.

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