Luke Penner

he / him

Luke is a flight instructor from Steinbach, Manitoba and a columnist for Canadian Aviator. In his column, Unusual Attitudes, he writes about his passion for aerobatics. In fact, when he is not teaching people how to fly, he is teaching them how to fly upside down or competing in aerobatic competitions across North America. Recently, the topics of his column have been about Advanced Aerobatic Team Canada as they gear up to take on teams from around the world in October 2023. 

When he is not flying or flying upside down, Luke can be found running down country roads or cuddling with Noshoe and Raquette, his two cats, as he composes his next article. His idea of relaxing is watching any horror movie by Jordan Peele or Seinfeld re-runs while making reels for his aerobatic Instagram account, @harvsairinverted . If he is ever questioned about the amount of time he spends doing this, he answers: Hey, I’m a storyteller! 

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