Andrew Dutfield

he / him

A Civil Engineer, recently retired, New Canadian, originally from the UK, via Southern Africa.

After writing short stories for pleasure and for family. I decided to write a Murder Mystery set on Hecla Island, a place with which I really have had an emotional connection.

The book has recently been published by FriesenPress. My second novel will be set in Dorset in the UK. A beautiful unspoilt area of England where Thomas Hardy lived and set many of his novels.


cover Death at the Point by Andrew Dutfield

Death at the Point

Some see outsized beauty where others only see bleakness, like the sweeping landscape of Hecla Island, situated two hours north of Winnipeg, Canada. Death at the Point is largely set in this real-life area with Icelandic roots that originally lured Henry Trevellyn and his wife Julia to its rocky shores as a weekend respite. Originally an emigre from London and now a retired member of the Winnipeg Police Service’s Major Crimes Unit, he alternates his time between, volunteering in Winnipeg and relaxing in the unspoilt tranquility of island life. He finds himself longing to spend more time at the couple’s cottage on Hecla, kayaking its lonely shores and wandering its lush forest trails with his Labrador retriever, Skip.

When a tall red-headed stranger appears on the island and soon after a body is found, Henry’s unyielding curiosity and investigative skills kick back into gear. Both the close-knit community and the solitude Henry has come to enjoy has been shattered. The Trevellyn’s once care-free days become mired in mystery and danger as Henry becomes consumed by a series of unsolved crimes that lead him to discover the island’s dark past.

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