barb janes

she / her

In grade six, Harriet the Spy inspired me to be a writer. Writing to a weekly deadline comparing ancient texts with today’s world and community was my calling as a United Church minister, published in a number of anthologies, and one self-published book, Inviting Wonder. A family story was published by CBC ( In retirement, I’m writing a play, Agency (fingers crossed for the Fringe wait-list). Joining MWG means I’m cheating on my play with the early stages of a novel. As a cub-reporter for MWG events, I will make you kick yourself for missing said events. Fun fact: if you have a pacemaker, you can bypass Security at the Millennium Library.


inviting wonder by barb janes

Inviting Wonder

Rekindling the relationship between churches and the arts, calling churches to embrace hospitality as a spiritual practice, re-imagine the church as a public space, and inflame religious imagination through the arts.

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