Catherine Macdonald

I’ve had a strange but interesting career as an archivist and freelance historian, writing a wide variety of stuff from scrupulously documented reports for government lawyers to educational video scripts featuring sketch comedy.

During one of those lulls so familiar to those who freelance, I had an idea for a historical mystery novel set in Winnipeg. It was an idea that refused to die. So, after a few more lulls, I started writing it in earnest. Put on the Armour of Light was the result. After it was published in 2014, I started writing fiction full time.

My blog is called portage and slain. Find it here:

I blog about Winnipeg writers and their books, particularly crime and other genre fiction. But also about the social, cultural and urban history of Winnipeg. You can reach me by using the “Contact” tab on the blog.

My website is, the website of the Charles Lauchlan mystery books. Put on the Armour of Light is the first of these.



Put on the Armour of Light by Catherine Macdonald

Put on the Armour of Light

2016 Manitoba Book Awards’ Michael Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction — Winner

Dundurn, 2014


A City at Leisure: An Illustrated History of Parks and Recreation Services in Winnipeg 1893-1993

City of Winnipeg, 1995

Making a Place: A History of Landscape Architects and Landscape Architecture in Manitoba

Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects, 2005. Available online at the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation website.

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