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Fisher Lavell is a working-class writer. Born to generations of rural poor, she was blessed with a trove of untamed stories and the stubborn will to tell them. She is the author of A Seven Year Ache, published in 2022 by Friesen Press, the first in a series of three Roaring River Woman novels.

Fisher was raised n the outskirts of Swan River, Manitoba, in a one-room shack and neither of her parents had ever finished grade five. But bright in school, she eventually landed an education and professional training far beyond her family’s wildest imaginings. With a Master of Education degree and a Post-Masters in Counselling Psychology, she is a nationally certified psychotherapist with several professional publications.

Still, her great love is fiction. And her stories are always true to working-class characters, their lives, and their voices. On her Working Words Blog at she regularly shares her thoughts on working-class writing, as well as book and film critiques, true oral stories, and musings on the meaning of dogs in her life and country music influences in her writing.

With two large dogs, Fisher Lavell lives again in her home town in the house her father built with his own hands. She can often be seen at a distance, a row of blue hills on the horizon, walking the gravel roads and endless green fields of the Swan River Valley.


a seven year ache by fisher lavell

A Seven Year Ache

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