Irina Mazor

She / Her

I was born in the Soviet Union in 1970 in a small town on the river bank located near the Black Sea port of Odessa. After finishing school I worked at the local bread factory helping my widowed mother since 1975. In 1991, my mom, me and my sister left for Israel, where I lived for approximately 20 years, married there and had two children. In 2009, we all moved to Canada, where I studied Health Information Management and Health Administration and worked at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Being a child, I quickly learned to read, which became my passion. I used to read international classical novels, adventures, historical fiction, fairy tales, folk, myths and many other various literature included in the school program. This taught me to understand the beauty of written language, developed my imagination, provided me with wide general knowledge and enchanted deep thinking abilities. Thus I never tried to write by myself.

During COVID all of us passed various changes, so at some point, I decided to create a children’s book based on folk stories and discovered that they fool of intentional cruelty that all of us still grieving. My goal is to create adaptations of international folk which could start a new age of fairytales free of the necessity to kill people on purpose to survive.


the frost by irina mazor

The Frost

Deep in the Frost Woods lives an ancient creature, feared by all, who rules over everything in the forest. The very forest that Beth now calls home… When Beth moves to the Frost Woods with her father, stepmother, and stepsister after a terrible spring flood, she is determined to make the best of her new situation. Beth’s father is often away hunting, and her stepmother is jealous of Beth’s kindness and intelligence, but Beth is determined to make the best of it. One day Beth is sent to collect firewood just after a dangerous winter storm. But the only place to go is deep into the heart of the Frost Woods… This adaptation of the classic Russian fairytale Morozko teaches readers about our responsibility to live in peace with nature. It also shows that there are no bad people, only good people making wrong choices. Through positivity and hope, we can change our circumstances.” Also, the book is available on 50,000 online retailer platforms. Put “The Frost” by Irina Mazor ” at the Google search bar and choose whatever selling channel works for a given bier.

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