John Oross

John Oross is an artist of many stripes and colours who believes in being loving, understanding, and kind. His goal is to instill those values in others by communicating his experiences through art. A former event planner and general manager of Xentel DM Inc, Oross retired from producing Oldtimers hockey games and Shrine circuses to concentrate on his mental health. He has been homeless four times, but he’s never given into despair. Oross played a cello in his youth and to this day can write lyrically against any melody that inspires him. Oross lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his cat Kozy. He is a member of Manitoba Music, Beaver Ionic lodge, Scottish Rite, the Manitoba Writer’s Guild, and the Khartum Shrine as a noble.


wandering thoughts by john oross

Wandering Thoughts

This collection of poetry, prose, open political letters, lyrics, and short stories is mostly autobiographical and entirely illuminating. It is the poignant tale of a life marked by loss but also by strength of character and the will to push forward through hardship.

Ideas of equality and unity save lives by starting conversations and opening minds to possibilities. This book is the beginning of that conversation. It is a meditation on healing, loss, and the ways in which we thrive together. It is sure to enthrall readers young and old as they are reminded that there is always hope, and a silver lining to every cloud.

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