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M.M. DeLuca is the bestselling author of The Perfect Family ManThe Secret Sister and the critically acclaimed historical suspense novel, The Savage Instinct which received a starred review from Publishers’ Weekly.  Her most recent novel, The Night Side, comes out on December 5th from Severn House, a division of Canongate and has already been praised by Booklist: “…genre fans will relish the head-spinning twists and white-knuckle suspense in this compelling, suspenseful, gothic-style mystery..” She spent her childhood in the beautiful cathedral city of Durham, which has often appeared as a setting in her novels. She moved to Canada where she worked as a teacher and studied Advanced Creative Writing with Pulitzer Prizewinning author, Dr. Carol Shields. She’s received many local arts council grants for her work. She loves writing in all genres, is an avid reader, an eager painter and loves golfing as well as getting outside for walks, even in the depths of winter.Visit her online at


The Night Side by Marjorie DeLuca

The Night Side

When Ruby Carlson was eighteen, she ran away from her home in Stoneybrook, Montana, and vowed she’d never return. Never return to life under the control of her manipulative mother, Ida, a self-styled medium and psychic scammer who made a career out of ruining people’s lives. Never return to the small town where enemies lurk at every turn. But now, twenty years later, Ruby is back. Her mother is missing, presumed dead, and Ruby reluctantly returns to a home filled with chilling memories to settle Ida’s affairs. Did she really commit suicide by drowning, or is this another dark scheme? Ruby thought she knew everything about her mother, but finds herself unraveling a web of lies and secrets to reveal a story more twisted than anyone could have imagined . . .

The Perfect Family Man

Five years ago, Olivia’s little boy went missing. Now her husband Nate has vanished too. As Olivia investigates, she discovers a web of secrets and lies that lead her to question her husband and her marriage.

The Secret Sister

Anna is on a mission to find out how and why her sister Birdie disappeared. Will she ever be able to uncover the truth? This addictive thriller will keep you guessing until the last twist. Anna and her sister Birdie grew up in foster care, moving from home to home, often abused and neglected, until finally Anna lost track of Birdie. Years later, Anna is working as a teacher and married to Guy, a loving man from a wealthy family. Anna wants to tell Guy about her past and about Birdie, but before she can do that, she needs to find out what happened to her sister.

The Savage Instinct Marjorie DeLuca

The Savage Instinct

“A fascinating portrayal of womanhood in Victorian England that is also a nail-biting thriller that will keep readers riveted until the very last page.” —Booklist Perfect for fans of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace and Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites, this taut psychological thriller offers a delicious take on deviant and defiant Victorian women in a time when marriage itself was its own prison. England, 1873. Clara Blackstone has just been released after one year in a private asylum for the insane. Clara has two goals: to reunite with her husband, Henry, and to never—ever—return to the asylum. As she enters Durham, Clara finds her carriage surrounded by a mob gathered to witness the imprisonment of Mary Ann Cotton—England’s first female serial killer—accused of poisoning nearly twenty people, including her husbands and children. Clara soon finds the oppressive confinement of her marriage no less terrifying than the white-tiled walls of Hoxton. And as she grows increasingly suspicious of Henry’s intentions, her fascination with Cotton grows. Soon, Cotton is not just a notorious figure from the headlines, but an unlikely confidante, mentor—and perhaps accomplice—in Clara’s struggle to protect her money, her freedom and her life.

Lilah by Marjorie DeLuca


Journalist, Nick Hendricks, is coasting on auto-pilot with his career, his relationships, and his life. All that changes one snowy night when the beautiful and mysterious Lilah arrives in Silver Narrows. Soon they’re caught up in a passionate relationship, and Nick’s career is recharged when Lilah urges him to investigate a string of unsolved disappearances from the town’s past. But he discovers that things aren’t so perfect in this small Minnesota town and there are guilty secrets lurking beneath its cozy exterior. Secrets some of the town’s long-standing citizens want to keep buried. Nick’s investigation sets off a string of disturbing and violent events that stir up painful memories from his own past. Nick soon realizes Lilah has secrets too, and he can’t help wondering where she came from, and how she’s connected to the unexplained disappearances of four teenagers, but he’s unprepared for the shocking discoveries he makes about the town he thought he knew, his own past and ultimately about Lilah.

The Pitman's Daughter by Marjorie DeLuca

The Pitman's Daughter

When Crag Street, the grimy street of colliery houses where gossip reigned, tuberculosis killed, and mining families slaved to survive, is torn down and rebuilt in a museum, Rita receives an unexpected invitation to the Grand Opening. Reeling from a recent divorce, the visit forces her to relive painful memories about her early life on Crag Street and to finally face the man she’s loved all her life.

The Forevers by Marjorie DeLuca

The Forevers

Paige is a forever, genetically altered to stay nineteen forever and live in the secret Iduna Corp compound, a place where age reversal and immortality has been perfected. Forevers are told to live for the moment. Be what you want to be for a while and when you get sick of it – be something else. But when her friends start disappearing Paige suspects there’s a darker side to their luxurious prison. The official word is they’ve been kidnapped by criminals on the outside who want to use them as feeders. Feeders have a short and brutal life – kept in captivity and sucked dry of all their youth cells so the Crime Lords can enjoy eternal youth. Her friend Junius involves her in planning a daring escape from the compound so they can infiltrate the IdunaCorp organization and find out what’s really happening to their missing friends. They’re joined by the charismatic and musical Chale, a Keener whose attraction to Paige causes tension between her and Junius. What will they find on the outside? How has the quest for immortality changed humanity? The journey becomes so dangerous Paige is forced to push herself to the limits of her endurance and to make tough decisions about who she can trust – Junius or Chale.

The Parasites by Marjorie DeLuca

The Parasites

Paige is in Carter City, Junius’s idyllic home. Life seems to be perfect until Paige uncovers a darker side to the peaceful paradise. Before she can confront Junius about it, they’re whisked away on a secret mission to infiltrate the Crime Lords. After a dangerous and grueling training period, Paige and Junius plunge into the strange, ruined world of Sin City and the Crime Lords, whose lives are defined by death defying feats and undying loyalty in battle. They meet Antoine, the charismatic but dangerous leader of the Snakes, who draws them into the wild and crazy Sin City lifestyle, and reveals the gruesome methods used to access the forever serum from the captured feeders. Paige makes some unexpected discoveries about her past, and Chale’s sudden reappearance forces her to make decisions and take risks she never imagined, to ensure his safety. One thing never changes – the people with power will do anything to gain control of the Forever technology. But who will gain the upper hand? The Crime Lords or the wealthy ARPS backed by Iduna Corporation? Or maybe someone else Paige never suspected.

The Feeders by Marjorie DeLuca

The Feeders

Paige returns to Carter City with Chale, determined to find her father on Masalina Island, a place that could provide permanent sanctuary for the Forevers. But Marcia has other ideas and when Junius’s father shows up unexpectedly, plans for the next mission to save Junius go into high gear. Meanwhile a shocking discovery among the ARP residents of Golden Heights threatens Yul’s entire empire making him desperate to get to Paige and her father who may hold the key to the survival of The Iduna Project. Paige must find the courage to outwit Marcia and Yul otherwise she’ll always be a pawn in the race for immortality. But she faces a tough road and unexpected dangers and revelations in her search to uncover the truth about all the players involved in the Iduna Project. Can Paige finally find freedom and happiness? Find out in the gripping final episode of The Iduna Project.

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