Dave Williamson National Short Story Competition Shortlist

Our 7 short-listers (in alphabetical order according to author’s last name):

  • Return to Chrysalis. Bruce Cinnamon. Edmonton, AB
  • Sketches. Gaylene Dutchyshen. Gilbert Plains, MB
  • Legend of the Magpie: An Original Métis Story. Clarence Merle Klyne. Ashern, MB
  • TEOTWAWKI. Rowan McCandless. Winnipeg, MB
  • The Redhead. Sharon McInnes. Cumberland, BC
  • The Other Side of the Map. Eleonore Schönmaier. Ketch Harbour, NS
  • On the Edge of My Couch. Thila Varghese. London, ON

Winners will be announced May 11th at a hybrid reception!

Note: From the first set of readings by our preliminary judges to the final reading of our lead judges, the Guild followed the process of blind-judging. The only information the judges had was the title and word count of each story.

Whenever judges realized, from reading the story, the identity of the author, they immediately recused themselves from discussions and votes related to that story.

Financial assistance provided by the Manitoba Arts Council.

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