Shortlist – Dave Williamson Short Story Competition

Choosing the best among many good stories is not so straightforward a task as one might imagine. Our five lead judges, Raye Anderson, Lauren Carter, Trevor Greyeyes, Zilla Jones, and Lee Kvern engaged in energetic discussions focusing on the craft of writing and the elements of fiction, ultimately deciding on the following seven stories for our shortlist.

The finalists for “The Dave” 2024 are:

(in random order)

Homeward Bound by Rowan McCandless, Winnipeg, MB
Canadian Cougars by Elle Qunmei Taylor, Grande Pointe, MB
A Good Day for Clothes by Yvonne Kyle, Winnipeg, MB
Pies by Cheryl Parisien, Winnipeg, MB
Queen of the Railroad Bridge by Kathleen Vance, Gibson, BC
The Carnival of Bones by Margaret Spratt, Winnipeg, MB
The Promise by Lisa Pollock, Calgary, AB

By next week, we shall be able to announce our three winners and four honourable mentions from this short list.

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