The Search for Meaning at Scott Ellis’s Book Launch

By Sharon Hamilton

“There’s so much meaning in everything…It clashes and bounces about. It’s hard to handle.” – Scott Ellis

These words sum up Scott Ellis’s search for meaning in the universe he lives in and the universe he creates in his stories. Almost 40 enthusiastic participants crowded into the Artspace Board Room to listen to Scott – and his friends Julie Siege and Den Valdron – read from his two books: Benny the Antichrist and Other Stories and Crawling to the Moon and Other Stories.

Scott answered the abundance of questions about his created universe with astute detail, explaining, for example, how one could observe molecular microbes on the eyelashes of – well – anyone and anything, from a tiny insect to a fellow human being.

Amazing Stories Magazine gave his writing the following review: Scott Ellis has a penchant for sophisticated, intelligent themes manifested through realistic, complex characterization. Some of it is lighthearted, much of it makes demands on the reader. Not a book to skip through. Be prepared to think and ponder. Overall…a treat to read.” Scott’s books are available through Fossil Cove Publications.

The Manitoba Writers’ Guild would like to thank Seven Cafe for enhancing the delicious refreshments provided by Anna Valdron with excellent coffee and a tray of luscious sweets.

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