First Thursdays with MWG

By barb janes

Winnipeg’s Exchange arts community may have First Fridays, but the MWG has First Thursdays – a time writers can virtually come together to rant and ramble about all things writing. 

The January 4 Zoom was a meetup of 12 (including the host), some new to the MWG, some long-time members (and one self-confessed lurker), some new writers and some with several publications under their belts, and an impressive range of genres – horror, fantasy, memoir, historical fiction, micro (the 50 word story!), novels, creative non-fiction, blogs, academic writing, even advertising. But no poets in attendance. 

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December R&R Session Offers Extraordinary Resources

By Steve Oetting

Rants and Ramblings is a wonderful forum in which writers can acquire advice from other writers on all kinds of questions. Our recent session on December 7 was a perfect example of the types of questions that are posed by participants and the plethora of suggestions and answers that are offered by the rest of the group. Our R&R groups always include some beginning writers (such as myself) and some more experienced writers so that the exchange of information is both bountiful and valuable.

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Where We Grow

MWG Critique Circle, December 12th, 2023 | By Luke Dondo

The MWG Critique Circle presents its members the invaluable opportunity to socialize and workshop with writers in a secure and inclusive forum. The discussion of our craft and the improvement of our work, among meeting friends, among (possibly) getting a bit uncomfortable, is the goal, and probably you’ll even have fun. 

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Rants & Rambling has Topics for Everyone

By Steve Oetting

Has there ever been a writer who didn’t have a rant to ramble or a rambling to rant? Methinks not.

The monthly Rants and Ramblings meeting is the perfect opportunity to express your concerns and feelings about writers’ issues and to hear from others about theirs. It is an open forum in which each member can throw out any bone of contention they might wish to discuss and have other members gnaw away on it.

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